Economic confidence continues to increase as well as the update for sub-index

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Consumer confidence index increased to 82 in September period, real sector confidence index reached 105.7 and service sector confidence index reached 74.9. The retail trade confidence index dropped to 93.5 and the construction sector confidence index to 83.3, which had a negative impact on the index.


The update and calculation change in the consumer confidence index in September 2020 was also reflected in the economic confidence index. The value change in the consumer confidence index and consequently in the economic confidence index is related to the calculation change made for international comparability.


The normalization process, which has been continued with the gradually loosening measures since the beginning of June, was effective in the increase of the index in the following months. During this recovery period, sub-sector indices increased with the increasing economic activity, recovery in certain sectors and recovery in demand. However, the recent increasing trend of the virus epidemic and the limiting effect of the changing financial conditions on demand will cause this progress to slow down. We can see the effects of this especially on the service and construction sectors. Tightening virus measures will affect the service sector, and the increase in housing loan interest rates will affect the construction sector.


In the real sector index, the return to work and company activity, which accelerated after June, enabled the recovery to continue in July and August. We will be watching the inflationary effects in the real sector together with the increasing production costs over imported inputs with the depreciation of TRY and its reflection on sales prices. The tightening of virus measures at local and abroad may be reflected in the following months as the recovery in the summer months loses momentum.

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